About Us

Sehat Card Plus is a Micro-health Insurance Programme for all the citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is one of the flagship programmes of Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The programme is being implemented through an insurance company selected through national competitive bidding.

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State Life Building Mall Rd, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.



Sehat Card Plus KP

Suspended Hospitals

KPPeshawarAl Khidmat HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPPeshawarShah HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPAbbottabadAl-Falah International HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPAbbottabadAllied Specialist HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPBannuAl Falah Surgical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPBattagramAl Badar Surgical and Laparoscopic CenterPrivate Hospital
KPBattagramAl Noor Specialist HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPBattagramIbn-E-Ceena General HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPBattagramRizwan General HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPBattagramShifa General and Surgical HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPCharsaddaAbdal Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPCharsaddaKhyber Medical and Surgical Center ShabqaderPrivate Hospital
KPCharsaddaQadar General HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPCharsaddaTehsil Head Quarter Hospital (THQ)Public Hospital
KPCharsaddaZia Teaching HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPD.I. KhanMisbah International HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPHanguAl-Sayed Medical and Surgical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPHaripurMehar General Hospital and Maternity HomePrivate Hospital
KPKohatFrontier Medical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPLower DirAl Habib General HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPLower DirCity Medical Center TimergaraPrivate Hospital
KPLower DirShahid Hussain Orthopaedic HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPLower DirWahab Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPMalakand P AreaGul Medical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPMansehraAlkhidmat Younas Khattak Memorial (MCHC)Private Hospital
KPMansehraMehboob Charity Vision International Eye HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPMardanAl Syed HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPMardanAlkhidmat Mashal Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPMardanBaizai Surgical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPMardanDar ul Shifa Hospital MardanPrivate Hospital
KPMardanJunaid Medical Complex and Laparoscopic CenterPrivate Hospital
KPMardanKhyber HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPMardanMardan Medical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPMardanQazi Medical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPMardanShiekh Yaseen HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPMardanZia DarmanPrivate Hospital
KPNowsheraAsma Arif Maternity HomePrivate Hospital
KPNowsheraTaj Medical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPPeshawarKhyber Teaching HospitalPublic Hospital
KPPeshawarManzoor Hospital Private Hospital
KPPeshawarRehman Medical InstitutePrivate Hospital
KPPeshawarSouvenir General HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPPeshawarZia Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPShanglaBesham Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPShanglaHaad Noor SurgicalPrivate Hospital
KPSwabiAli Medical and Surgical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPSwabiCeena Medical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPSwabiCity Poly Clinic Medical and Surgical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPSwabiRahman Medical CentrePrivate Hospital
KPSwabiRoyal Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPSwabiShams HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPSwabiAllied Specialist HospitalPrivate Hospital
KPSwatAlam Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPSwatHassan Medical ComplexPrivate Hospital
KPUpper DirIkhlas Medical CenterPrivate Hospital
KPUpper DirShifa Health Care Hosptial WariPrivate Hospital
KPChitralRural Health Centre (RHC) MastujPrivate Hospital
KPChitralTehsil Head Quarter Hospital (THQ) Tangi Garam ChismaPublic Hospital