Patient: Sultan (Cardholder) Treatment: Angioplasty

Adil Rehman underwent Angioplasty by using the Sehat Sehulat Card in 2018. In 2020 his wife's CABG was performed using the programs card. My Name is Adil Rehman, I am residence of UC Kharaki, Dargai Bazar, Malakand. I have seven children. I am a painter and worked in Saudi Arabia. During work, I suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital in Saudi Arabia. My co-workers abroad paid for my treatment cost of Saudi Rial 8000. I took a loan and returned to Pakistan. In Dargai, I visited Dr Bakhtawar Shah, who told me that I needed cardiac treatment as my heart vessels were blocked. He advised me to visit Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) in Peshawar. I visited HMC, where the doctor looking at my financial condition asked if I had a Health card because the treatment on Health Card was free. I told him that I had received the card in 2016. My Angiography and Angioplasty was conducted in the year 2018 without any cost, for which I am very thankful to Govt for the issuance of this valuable card.

In the year 2020, my wife Wahida Bibi developed a heart condition. I picked up the card and visited a public sector hospital. The doctor advised CABG but gave a long date of two years as there was a long waiting line. I consulted Sehat Sahulat Card Counter in the hospital and told them about a long time. They immediately referred me to a private hospital where Dr Riaz Anwar, Cardiac Surgeon, performed the successful CABG. I am very thankful to the Govt for issuing this card, as it saved my and my wife's life. It is due to this card that I am now back to work and earning my livelihood.

I request the Govt to continue this facility. If we did not have this card, we could not have survived the hardship in our lives.