His Daughter Ameena Bibi was operated on for ASD Repair under Sehat Shaulat Program on 12/02/2020

My name is Liaqat, I belong to VillAladad Khel of Mardan. I sell caps for livelihood and earn Rs. 400 to 600 (2 to 4 euros) per day. I have ten children to feed, but it's not easy to feed them with this meagre daily earning. For me, the important thing is feeding my children; health and education are secondary as I don't have the means to arrange for that luxury. My youngest daughter Ameena Bibi, aged seven years, has been sick since an early age; she suffered from cough & flu every winter. She couldn't play with her brothers and sisters like normal children as she would start to have trouble breathing after little activity. I once took her to Dr Zia Ullah (local doctor), who, after examination, told me to take her to Dr Abdul Majeed (cardiac surgeon) in Peshawar as my daughter was suffering from some cardiac disease. With no money in my pocket, I decided not to take her to Peshawar as cardiac procedures require huge sums of money. But people told me that I should use the Sehat Sahulat Card as it was valid for the treatment of Cardiac procedures and other cardholders have benefited from it by acquiring expensive treatments without spending any money. Though I didn't believe in it, I still took my daughter to a private cardiac centre in Peshawar, where Dr Abdul Majeed operated my daughter for cardiac treatment. I couldn't believe that I would get a health care facility free of charge in a private hospital and save my daughter's life. I am thankful to the Govt for issuing us Sehat Sahulat Cards. I would request the Govt to continue this card for other people like children and me like Ameena Bibi.